Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Getting your garden started! KTFO Orange sprouting next to lettuce, beets…

First, figure out if you have feminized seed or regular seed. The breeder that supplied your seeds should have it clearly labeled. If you are planning on a six plant garden, germinate seven feminized seeds or thirteen regular seeds.

There a lot of different methods used to germinate seeds; I like to do it the same as the vegetable and pepper seeds I germinate every year for my garden. I use either rock wool, elle pots, or rapid rooters. If you are going to grow outdoors, check on the last freeze for your area and germinate your seeds two weeks before that date. Plan to root your seeds for three weeks after they germinate. High quality fresh cannabis seed should germinate in three to five days. Older seeds sometimes can take two weeks.

In order to maximize the germination rate of your seeds, create the right environment. Moisture and warmth are the key. I try to aim for 70/80, i.e. 70% humidity and 80 degrees. To get to that humidity you will have to use a dome over your tray and a heat mat if you are germinating in your house.

After the seeds have germinated, remove the heat mat, and after a week, remove the humidity dome. When, you are ready to plant three weeks after the seeds have germinated, gently move the entire cube to your pot or garden.