Building a Grow Room

First, do not make it too complicated. You need a place to germinate seeds and/or root clones. You need a light that supports the square footage of your canopy. Here’s what you need for a six plant indoor grow that can produce five pounds a year of high grade cannabis.

Clones and seedlings can be started in a kitchen cabinet with a two bulb fluorescent light. Plan on using the cabinet for three weeks every ten weeks.

You will need a sixteen square foot tent and six five gallon pots. Plan on three bags of high quality soil, worms and some ground cover seeds. I like a 315w CDL rig for a sixteen square foot tent. Next you need a fan and filter to keep air moving through the tent. If you put it a room with a vent and a return that normally maintains 70, the conditions inside the tent should be perfect. The inside of the tent will maintain around 78 degrees with the fan on full in a climate controlled room set at 70. Your house or apartment HVAC should keep you under 60% rH.

Here’s a basic equipment list