About Us

High Quality, potent & terp rich cannabis seeds 

Home grower?  Commercial operator?   We have the right cannabis seed for you!   With over 20 years experience growing marijuana,  I have  grown at home as well as consulted for commercial grows .  As a consultant I developed genetics that have proven staying power and have been sold in literally ton quantities.  Those strains includ Dreamwalker, Reno and Back and Laughing Laughlin.     

Now every home grower can have access to these elite genetics.   The first line I’ve dropped is my Daddy’s Orange line. It’s five strains that have been ten years in the making – Mandarin Kush Cake, Frosted Fruit Cookies, Orange Walker, KTFOrange, and Orange Skunk. The father of all of these strains is the Daddy’s Orange.

Daddy’s Orange is a labor of love completed over nearly 10 years.  Numerous back-crosses and pheno hunts later…. WELCOME DADDY’S ORANGE!!!  .